Reuben L. Lillie


The stage is my natural habitat. I feel most alive when I’m telling stories through music.

Depending on how we met, you either know already or else you may have trouble believing that I’m a consummate introvert. That is, I gain most of my energy in solitude—but the stage is where I release it. And my favorite kind of music to make is with other people.

I’ve been fortunate throughout my life to have had teachers and mentors who’ve encouraged me to be a versatile singer.

Growing up, I had a steady and rather eclectic diet of classical music, jazz, southern gospel, steel pan, Broadway show tunes, Christmas songs year round, and vintage comedy sketches on vinyl.

I fell in love with stagecraft through musical theater and the silver screen. And I cherish the open arms with which the operatic world has embraced me.

Have voice, will travel.