Act II, no. 20 Photo: Daren Stahl

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Reuben Goes Back to DMMO

DMMO logo

DMMO Campaign 2016 I think we ought to give Iowa another try, folks. Instead of quadrennial caucuses, join me in making Des Moines Metro Opera the first thing [more . . . ]


Reuben in Galileo Galilei in Des Moines

DMMO 2016 Galileo Galilei 2nd Stages poster

Des Moines Metro Opera advertises its 2nd Stages Series as “operatic presentations in unorthodox spaces.” How fitting that this year’s production of Galileo Galilei, an avant-garde opera by [more . . . ]

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Why Does Baptism Still Matter?

Orthodox Christian icon of the baptism of Jesus. Why does baptism still matter?

Is it a worthwhile question? The question why does baptism still matter? is not one I ask because I am especially skeptical or cynical (although these are defining [more . . . ]